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3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, Volume 6


Graveyards is a doorway. It is an opening from this world into the next. As we draw nearer and nearer to Halloween, you’ll be tempted to step through the doorway where you will waltz with skeletons, follow death into his dark crypts and finally, solve the mystery of Lisa and how she got squashed. Yes, I said squashed. Curious, my grave ones? Read on.


Dapper Cadaver— Joey is a Pre-Med student and desperate for money. When she finds an ad from the mysterious Doc Hollywood who offers a lot of money for a simple task, she finds herself digging up ancient bones in a graveyard late one night. What happens next, she'd never believe. (But you will! I guarantee it.)


Crypt Curiosity—In a small Texas town, a young woman takes her dog out for a walk after dinner. She discovers an elderly fellow riding in an electric chair toward the graveyard. Curious, she follows him. Later, she’ll wish she hadn’t.


Lisa Got Squashed— There are secrets in every town. Dark secrets. When someone disappears, it’s easy to say they’ve run off with someone or moved away. Jordan, the local grocery boy, doesn’t realize it, but he’s about to become one of those dark secrets…but only after learning about Lisa, and how she got squashed.

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fun facts!

    • Dapper Cadaver  This was a Texas story. I wrote it about the same time that I wrote Crypt Curiosity. There was one of those mighty fearsome Texas thunderstorms going on, and I imagined what a dance with death in physical form might be like. This one has taken me yeeaarrsssss to edit it just the way I like it. Well, worth it, I think.


    • Crypt Curiosity  I wrote this story after a very hot Halloween evening in Texas. (I got sunburned. Yes. On Halloween.) Towns on the border have weird little rules, like you only trick or treat on one street and only until 5pm. I didn't know this the first year I was there, and we ended up being out 'til sunset. I saw the elderly man I describe in this story. It was odd and very creepy. He was decked up like he was going to party...or going to a funeral. His thin hair whisped in the wind as he road this chair that really did look like someone had stuck a 90's joystick controller on it. We followed him for a while, curious where he was going, but as we neared the graveyard, it was like...nahhh... forget this. But, I did get a story out of it. The dog in the story, Hagsy, is to the left. She's a lab and really misses the warm Texas sunshine. I named her Hagsy because despite the cuteness of that pic to the left, she really is an ugly lab. Probably the ugliest lab you've ever seen, thus "Hag." My kids call her Wagsy since they are too embarrassed to tell the neighbors her real name. ;-) 


    • Lisa Got Squashed This story wins the award for most rewrites ever of all my short stories. In fact, I'm embarrassed to tell you how many times I've rewritten this story. I even had the urge to rewrite it all over again as I was preparing it for this book. I changed a few words and thought GIRL, LET IT REST. This story was written after I misunderstood a friend as he was telling me a story. He was telling me about his parents' friend Lisa and that she got squash from his parents' garden, but I thought he was telling me about a woman named Lisa and... she got squashed. So, that is where this story came from. I did have a cat named Slinky. We loved Slinky and had him for a very long time. Unfortunetly, we lost him this last summer, and miss him very much. Hagsy misses him too, though I think she enjoys running by bushes without him jumping at her with claws bared. It was a sort of game they'd played (but Hagsy didn't like it much.)

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