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3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, Volume 5

She walks the straight and narrow.


They wait to catch her when she falls...

In Volume five of 3 TALES TO CHILL YOUR BONES, we discover innocence within the darkness, heaven within hell, and a purgatory deep, deep down where the dead dream and the worms crawl. Dear Rabid Readers, we are going to the very crux of the Abyss. Don’t worry! I’ve got your hand and I promise to not let go. 

The Next Step 
They call to her every night, the monsters deep in the abyss over the edge of the wall. She must walk the fine balance between madness and reality every night. She is destined to fall to one side or the other, but which side? 

It started with a tap on the ceiling, then it grew a heart beat and a pulse. The beast calls to her nightly in a world beyond her own. The great abyss. Her husband insists her medication will make it go away, but when she discovers he has found another love...she questions where she truly belongs. 

Layla and the Skull 
A girl plunges into the deepest hell to rescue her brother. When she meets the SKULL, they delve into a game Layla isn’t quite prepared for. 

Inside each of us lies a dark, dormant beast waiting for just the right moment to reveal itself. (This is a bonus flash story.) 

fun facts!

    • The Next Step   Of course, this one is written from a nightmare. One of reader's favorite quotes from this story is "The fall would plunge Loreli into her own grim reality, or into the other place, the place that spirals sharp and deep, where the dead dream and the worms crawl..."  This story is about a woman walking on a tight rope, teetering on the edge of absolute reality or absolute madness...neither are pretty choices. It is up to the reader's own imagination to decide her fate. 


    • Strings  I awoke one night hearing thumps from the ceiling. I don't know to this day if it was a dream or if it was Santa, but this story is what followed. I like to think of it as my HP Lovecraftian-ish story. The vision of the little bird trailing its wing in circle in the dirt is something I saw in Texas. There were always baby birds falling out of the nest there, they'd dehydrate in the sun and ants would attack them. One day, I found one these baby birds spinning helplessly in the sand, peeping for its mother. It's one of those memories that stick with you. Early on, I tried to rescue a few of these fallen from the nest birds, but they were usually already unhealthy and would die from shock. This is a particular gruesome Texas memory that will always haunt me. I use it as a metaphor for how the woman feels about her life. 


    • Layla and the Skull The first sentence wrote itself out on the blank page. I was very affected by the vision of this young girl diving bravely from the comfort of her safe bedroom into a deep, dark abyss to save her brother from death. Innocense battles evil in this story. It is a metaphor for how I felt when trying to help raise my six siblings from a young age. You can try to comfort them, save them from the horrible things of this world, but in the end when you are young, if there is no one to stand up for you, evil devours the innocent like a mouth of sharp teeth on candy apples. A side note: The song is a lullaby I made up for my second son when he was a baby. It's been a favorite throughout the years and I was tickled to use it in this story. Another side note is that Tony is the same character in Supergirls 2: Night without Stars & Pillow Talk. I like to think he reincarnates over and over, trying to find his way out of the deep abyss of his fate. One day, I think he'll find it.

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