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The Dark Never Rests...

...Neither should you

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New Release! Book and Audiobook!

Girl Clown Hatchet 

Book One

This is what I know about fear.

Fear changes you. Fear rules your life. Fear drives you crazy.

It does all these things until you conquer it. If you do not conquer fear, it will conquer you.This is what I know now, to conquer the beast one must become the beast.
I wish I could forget everything that has happened this summer. No one is who I thought they were. Not even me.
My name is Chloe Sevenstars. I'm your average Native American teen living out the American dream in a trashy trailer court with my elderly mother. Well, average other than the fact that I’ve been stalked by a clown my entire life. Mr. Jingles carries a hatchet, waiting the right moment to use it on me. Everyone thinks I’m crazy. They are probably right, but I’m tired of being afraid.

I won’t run anymore.

Even if I have to get a hatchet of my own.

Girl. Clown. Hatchet.

Chasing Clowns

Book Two

Officer Chloe Sevenstars was only a teen when she faced the horror known as Mr. Jingles—the clown with the hatchet. The grisly events of that nightmarish summer left Chloe so shattered that her aunt opted to have the teen’s memory wiped clean. It’s been twenty years, Chloe is a street cop and a happily married woman with two children. When her husband announces he has bought a restaurant in Spindler, Washington to pursue his dreams, Chloe’s repressed memories of that terrifying summer return. Young women turn up dead. Masked monsters haunt the town. The clown with the hatchet is back, and this time he’s determined to finish what he started twenty years ago.  

Chloe reunites with old friends to face the darkness descending over Spindler once again. The Clown Apocalypse approaches…

Clown Apocalypse

Book Three

A big top tent has rolled into Spindler. Can you see the clown skull on top? It laughs. It laughs as clowns pour out of those pearly white tent flaps. There's clowns on skateboards, bicycles, and unicycles. Juggling clowns. Clowns blowing bubbles. Clowns in pink pedal cars. Clowns are everywhere. Of course they are, it's the Clown Apocalypse!

But there's more than just clowns. The Night Devils are in town and law enforcement is at the ready. Furthermore, Chloe isn't what she appears to be. The twins get kicked out of town. Shayla is kidnapped by clowns. And Joey comes back for a kiss you won't forget. Get ready for a topsy turvy, inside out suspenseful ride and read the finale in the Girl Clown Hatchet series, guaranteed to knock your socks off—all the way off!

Joey's Story

Book Four

In this heart throbbing tale, we follow Joey Parker in real time as he dons a fedora and, in classic detective ‘40s style, attempts to track down Shayla, the girl kidnapped by clowns. Meanwhile, Chloe reads Joey’s old journal, catching up on the twenty years between them. She also dreams curious visions of a man in a long black coat and fedora in his desperate attempts to redeem himself and right the wrongs of the past. 

Will Joey find Shayla and make his way back into Chloe’s heart?
 Prepare for a suspenseful ride and an ending that will make you want to read the series all over again.

Girl Clown Hatchet Carnival_Box_Set carn

Girl Clown Hatchet Box Set

Books 1-4

Heart stopping, heart warming, and guaranteed to give you the shivers. 
Welcome to your nightmares...

New Release!!
98 ways 3d cover.png

98 Ways to Skin a Clown

Book Five, a GCH Short Story

"Mocking, torture, skinning… cannibalism, those aren’t the words most people have in their past. I’m not saying that I’d judge you if you do..."

In this riveting tale, we find a young Thomas Slade choosing a dark path after being kidnapped and inducted into the Night Devils biker gang.  

He joins Carnival Circus as a kiddie clown entertainer aka undercover drug informant for the Night Devils. He discovers that  there really is 98 Ways to Skin a Clown.

This a dark story, but not one without innocence, first love, and of course, clowns.

98 Ways To Skin A Clown
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