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3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, Volume 1

In the first volume of 3 TALES TO CHILL YOUR BONES, the trapped, desperate souls of the straw men arise from their poles. They are coming for you, dear Rabid Reader. Quick! Grab your pitchforks and lanterns!  

In a small farming town, a handful of teens discover more tricks than treats in the out skirting cornfields. One must never tempt a tomahawk-wielding scarecrow, especially on All Hallow’s Eve. This is the original, unrevised version of “Marrow.” It’s a bit more gruesome than the previously published audio form. 

Every night, Lucy’s lover blindfolds her and leads her away to the cornfields, where she plays along with his games. One evening, the blindfold is removed. An unspeakable horror is revealed.  

Spindled Souls: 
Wallace and Anne are both scarecrows and lovers. They are forced to hang on poles and stare longing at each other season after season, until one day all scarecrows are brought to the castle for a macabre-ish fate. A fate written in the stars. 

fun facts!

  • Marrow was written after my oldest son asked me to write a story about scarecrows that suck bones out of one's ears. The same son is the one who wrote the poem "Scarecrows" in the book. Narration of Morrow by the very talented Barry Northern can be found HERE.


  • Scars came to me after a dare to write a story inspired by Johnny Hollow's Dark Thing. Check out the Video.


  • Spindled Souls is written from an age old idea I have that scarecrows have souls, and one day they will rise up and conquer their captors who crucify them on poles. This particular story is blended with the fairy tale of Rumplestiltskin. It won the Worst of Love contest held by Flashes in the Dark Magazine back in 2010.


  • I've started a dark fantasy novel about the scarecrows. It's called Straw. The scarecrows wheat and corn crops become diseased. A few are chosen to sail across the sea to find more straw for their growing families. They run into rabid mermaids, fierce werewolves, and lizard pirates. And yes, this book is intended for adults. If this is something you'd like to read, hit the GO! button below. I'll tick it up on the novel priority list.

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Dark Thing by Johnny Hollow

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