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Deadly Women 

3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, Volume 7

Serial killers, psychopaths, brutality and violence, horror and terror, cunning, wit, beauty and charm—what am I describing? Deadly women, of course. Included in this series is Pillow Talk, nominated for Spinetinglers Best Short Story on the Web award. Choose your poison: 

Pillow Talk

If sexy Henrietta asks you if you are afraid of the dark, it's already too late. 


One, two, three… 
Nails and teeth go beneath. 
Hair and gums, unbecomes. 
Legs and fingers, let them linger. 
Heads and tails flip for sells. 

What does this mean? Ask Rhiannon, she'll be happy to show you. 

Dead Sunset Red:

At Faraday Psychiatric Hospital, Cecilia stares at herself in the bathroom mirror. She knows today is the anniversary of something very dreadful she has done, but she can't remember what or why. When she applies her favorite lip gloss, Dead Sunset Red, it triggers a floodgate of horrific memories beyond comprehension. 


fun facts!

  • Pillow Talk came to me after watching the video for I Wear My Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart... (Yes, I'm embarrassed to tell you that. Another vid that inspired Henrietta is Joey by Concrete Blonde.) The tough assed cop lady inspired Henrietta. And let me tell, once Henrietta was birthed into the world there was no stopping her. Beat to a Pulp magazine was the first publish this. It was nominated for Best Short story on the Web by Spinetiglers Magazine and later bought at pro-rates for Beat to a Pulp's collection of short stories. I've written many (mostly unpublished) short stories of Henrietta since. Her orgins found her way into Supergirls 2: Night Without Stars and the upcoming book the series, Ghost of a Chance. One of these days, I'll put together her very own story collection until then, well, you'll just have to wait it out. Check out the music vids to the right (or below if you're on a mobile.)  


  •  Mantra  One of my favorite stories. This was one those October stories I so enjoy writing, and this one creeped me out pretty good. What is most disturbing is how easily that Mantra came to me... almost as if Rhiannon herself had whispered it in my ear. One of the fun little inspirations for this story came from when I was an apartment manager years ago. A woman had stabbed her husband in the chest. She was taken away to jail. He was whisked to the hospital, and their two young children were taken by CPS. Ultimetly, if you can imagine, I evicted them. They left all their crap in the apartment and what we found was truly disturbing. The place was absolutely filthy. The children had locks on the outside of their bedroom doors and there was human feces and urine on the floor of their bedrooms. No furniture in either of their rooms except a mattress. In the master bedroom, we found a two foot pile of pornography magazines carpeting the floor, sex toys and hundreds of snapped nude pictures. What was most disturbing was what we found in the closet downstairs, which was absolutely nothing, except one pull string light and a dead bulb. When I changed the bulb, I found the walls covered in red crayon with the words "Amy is ugly on the inside." This simple sentence has haunted me forever. So, in Mantra I had Rhiannon write her "truth" on the closet wall. (A song that I listened to as I wrote that story was Prodigy's It's an Omen. I also listened to P!nk's Don't Leave Me. She gives a wonderful theatrical performance in the video off to the side.) Creepy stuff, and I was very proud to have it first published at All Due Respect at the magazine's infancy. The pic to the left of the mirror? My sister gave me that for my birthday a few years ago. I loovvveee it and decided to put it in the story, it is the very one the drop of blood falls on. I had fun manipulating the photo and turning it all Mantra-ish. ONE more thing, "Dead Sunset Red" is a lipstick name I've made up that I enjoy using in many of my stories, I think its a cool name, gives a clear color of the shade of red, makes me feel like I own a makeup brand, and adds a certain dread to the you'll see by the title of the next story.


  • Dead Sunset Red I was inspired to write this after a reading a book on Andrea Yates. This book took me from seeing Andrea as a monster to a human being. She was so ill, and the doctors switched her meds up, down and all over the place as often as you please. Of course, in this story, the issue isn't about medication, it is about her insecurities being raised by a psychopath mother and in this particular woman's instance where those insecurities and fears led her. What I wanted to do with this story is for the reader to see that she is a human being who snapped and did a very very bad thing. Any one can snap if pushed far enough, and what is scary is that we don't know how far is too far before it's too late.

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Joey by Concrete Blonde

Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart

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Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart

Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart

Don't Leave Me by Pink

Into Dust by Mazzy Star

Broken Crown by Mumford & Sons

Starman by David Bowie

Tomorrow, Wendy by Concrete Blonde

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