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3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, Volume 8

Their long, lonely howls in the midnight hour awake you. You open your eyes to discover that you are alone in the woods, the full moon overhead. There’s a snap of twig from behind, and you turn to find yourself eye to eye with fangs and claws, fur and snout, a beast that isn’t man, nor animal… it is a shifter of the kind you were told to beware, especially on a full moon night. Dear readers, in the eighth volume of 3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, I give you WEREWOLVES, featuring one of my favorite authors, nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Dictator of the ever monstrous Pulp Metal Magazine, Jason Michel. 

A modern day twist on an old gothic legend… Rey is a mysterious woman with an even more mysterious past. When she meets charming Julian at a bar late one night, he promises to sweep her off her feet, and he does… but not in the way Rey hopes. 

In old west New Mexico, a gunslinger braves the dark to find his runaway daughter. He finds himself stalked by an old Mexican legend with an Apache twist. Will he live long enough to find his daughter or will he succumb to the darkness of the creature stalking him? 

The Wait 
Night after night, he tells Lucy stories of the present and of the past, of what he will do to avenge her death. Tonight, when he visits Lucy’s grave, he’ll tell her one last story. One of carnage, rage and violence… of monsters. Who is the prey and who is the predator? Only you, dear reader, can be the judge. 

fun facts!

    • Reynardina & The Wait are both stories by my very first featured author on 3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, Jason Michel. I think you'll find his gothic werewolf tales spinetingling and enchanting at the same time. Click on over to Jason's website where he is dictator of

    • Lobos  I started this werewolf western years ago, a few pages in I felt way over my head and set the story aside. I went back to it this last October, rolled up my sleeves and dived into research of the old west in NM, AZ and TX during the 1890's. I was charmed by what I read and what was going on during the time period, though I will admit I felt quite depressed about how Europeans treated the Navajo and Apache during that time. Reconnecting with the old stories of Geronimo and reading about superstitions of that time fed perfectly into the story that I had in mind. Daughters of the Revolution movement was just starting up during that time period, so I had to include that. Best of all, was reading about the Mexican wolves and how the Azteks used them in sacrifices. I made up my own legend involving the Aztecs and wolves, and away the story went. To be honest, I would have loved to continued to follow this ol' gunslinger's tale all the way through, and who knows? Maybe one day I'll go back and write it into a full length novel.  

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