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3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, Volume 4

In Volume four of 3 TALES TO CHILL YOUR BONES, fiction meets horrific reality with three urban legends of the Bunnyman. Included in this collection are two non-fiction articles on the TRUE legend of the Bunnyman and the TRUE Legend of Bunnyman Bridge. What actually happened back in 1903 when a bus transporting the criminally insane suddenly crashed in the dead of night? Finders keepers, naughty creepers, you must read to the end…before you meet your end. 

On her way to grandmother’s house, a young girl decides to stop and write in her diary. She has a big decision to make, but only seconds to make it. 

Bunny Man 
Did you hear? Party at the Bunnyman Bridge on All Hallow’s Eve! An evil spirit inhabits a troubled teen. Together in a bunny suit, they recreate the past. 

Bloody Blue Scarf 
It starts with a lovers’ quarrel on a dark deserted road. When the man in the bunny suit shows up with an axe, the night is young…and just getting started. 

fun facts!

    • Decisions was written for a flash contest put on by Tainted Tea magazine. It won first place. I loved this pic that the editors put in the pdf magazine and as a wonderful surprise, they sent me the actual chalk sketching. I have it framed and usually hanging by my work space. It is quite macabre and frightens my kids, so I take it down when they are feeling especially disturbed. ;-)  As you can see, I have quite the obsession with the BUNNYMAN. 


    • BUNNYMAN  This is the story that started my obsession with the Bunnyman. I was asked to write for an anthology called Twisted Legends, where you take an urban legend and give it your own twist. You'll read in the UN-FICTION part of the book the various accounts of the Bunnyman under the bridge story. This story is my fictional imaginings of what could have happened when an all night teen party was busted up by a man in a bunny costume swinging a big knife. Twisted Legends anthology ended up being pretty dang cool and was later given an honorable mention by Ellen Datlow.


    • Bloody Blue Scarf was written from the pure joy of writing Bunnyman horror stories. You will find the true account I base it on in the book under the UN-FICTION section. I had this lovely 50's-ish old-fashioned romance in mind with a macabre twist. I had thought of submitting this story to a few contests & pro-magazines, but I am less patient with waiting months to find out if a slusher has read a submission yet. Anyways, you get the story exclusively here.


    • Un-Fiction I decided to do something different for this volume of 3 Tales to Chill Your Bones and added a few essays of the true accounts of the Bunnyman. Just some fun and facts for a rainy day.

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