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Buried in the garden.

bones beneath stones.

Born within darkness,

Hidden and unknown.

Find me...


"There’s nothing like a haunting to bring people together for the holidays!”

Four best friends move into an old Victorian house while attending college, but they could never have predicted what would follow them there. Strange things begin to happen: the grandfather clock chimes thirteen times, a shadow stalks the hallway, haunting voices call for help from the heater vents, and one of the friends begins to wonder what secrets lay buried in the basement.  There is no doubt that something is happening at 606 Shadow Falls Lane…but who, what, where? That is indeed a mystery. 


On Christmas Eve, a housemate calls in SHIVERS, a ghost investigation team from Salem, Oregon. They discover something far more sinister than a haunting—and it isn't Santa!


For those who love a good old-fashioned ghost story, you’ll find that here. With a chilling twist based in ancient lore that readers won’t expect, this novel will keep you on your toes until the end. 


Merry Christmas, happy reading and…leave the lights on.

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