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3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, Volume 9


The scratching at your bedroom door—what is it? Why do you sometimes find your doll under the bed instead of on the shelf where you left it?  And what about the doll you lost – the one you left out in the rain by the old stream where you liked to play in the summer? You went back for it, but it was already gone. Did it fall into the stream and float away? Did the neighbor girl steal it? Or was it simply buried in tall grass and weeds. What if, after all these years, while you are warm under your blankets, reading 3 Tales to Chill Your Bones by the dim moonlight, your forgotten doll is climbing the stairs, dragging an axe behind her? You won’t have to wonder long. No, no, dear readers. Snuggle deeper into your blankets, clutch them for dear life. For you will be meeting the dolls, very, very soon….


The China Doll— Sabel Gray has received a very special package from her daddy who is serving over seas in the Navy. She taps on the package wondering what it could be, and is concerned when something inside taps back.


Simply Wicked— It was not an evil doll, definitely, absolutely not evil; it was simply wicked. Wicked is what wicked does. Jane finds this out the hard way.


Poison Lip Gloss— The life sized doll must complete the witch’s three tasks before midnight if she wishes to become real, but when she accidentally kills the troll prince, the night takes on an unusual kind of macabre magic…  “First, you must carve a face. I don’t care what or whom you carve it on. Second, you must find an eye to replace the one you lost. And third, you must prove that you want life by taking a life.”

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