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3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, Volume 3


In Volume three of 3 TALES TO CHILL YOUR BONES, you’ll find forbidden love, doom and damnation, and uncertain freedom. Dare you turn the page of your kindle? 

A blind woman falls desperately in love with a young man in the forest. Her father has forbidden her to enter the woods for fear of the monster that walks amid the trees. One day, Ribbon sneaks behind her father’s back and bargains a potion from an old gypsy so she can finally see her lover. And she does, my dear readers, she does! 

Neverwas of Koppelburg Hill 
Neverwas is trapped in an abusive relationship with her mother and mother’s lovers. When she meets the Pied Piper, a beautiful hero who calls to her with his silver whistle, she transforms into the very essence of beauty and freedom. She follows the Pied Piper into the forest where he shows her the deep, dark secrets of his cave. 

Heart for a Heart 
She would give anything to win the prince’s heart, even sell her soul to Olga, the sea witch. When she comes across Merlin, will the old magician help her or send her on her way? 

fun facts!

    • Lacerta is a dark, gothic romance with my slight obsession with THE BEAST IN THE FORREST cautionary tale. I have a place of love in my heart for the dreaded Lizardman. Of course, it's all about perspective isn't it? A lizard might be cold and lost in the darkness until he finds warmth and clutches on to it. But to a young blind woman, the same beast might very well be prince charming in a forbidden romance scenario. The story has many layers of metaphors right down to the pet name Ribbon's father calls her. What does it mean to be blind within and without? And what happens when we chose ignorance over truth? I quite adore this world, and would love to write this into a full length novel someday. It's been published and republished all over tarnation (under my previous writing name) but I'm very happy to place it here. Also, yes, another inspiration for this story happened when I lived in Texas. I slipped on my pants early one morning, and a few minutes later I felt something squirming up my leg. It was winter and the lizard had decided to hibernate in my pants. The warmth of my skin woke him up. After much screaming and kicking off of said jeans, I scooped him up, named him Timothy and set him free. Check out the INCREDIBLE narration of Lacerta by Barry Northern. Click the play button on the mp3 box off to the side.


    • Neverwas of Koppelburg Hill This one I hesitate to say anything about as there is so many interpretations one can take from either a cold hearted stance of why didn't this girl just leave her abusive mother... to holy f*ck did you really just metaphor the opening line to the ending? I will say that this story is based on a dream. The old man was so vivid, and the whistle sparkled like a diamond in the sun. After the dream, I immediately started researching the details and came upon the true accounts of the legend of the Pied Piper. It is truly startling, and even more startling was how my dream was almost the exact reflection of the accounts. On a side note, I have a fascination with shape shifting deer women. I've recently discovered there are many legends of this where I spent my teen years on the foothills of Mount Rainier. 


    • Heart for a Heart is a short story I wrote for a contest years and years ago for a site called Editor Unleashed. I have always loved the original tale of the Little Mermaid, and this was a fun, wicked twist to that version...uh...with a wizard. It placed in the top ten out of hundreds of stories. It was later picked up for pro-rates at a lovely little magazine that I'm pretty sure is out of existence now.

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Check out the INCREDIBLE narrtion of this story by Barry Northern by clicking PLAY on the box below.

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