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For the True Tales to Tell in the Dark portion of our podcast. This portion will be fairly unscripted and relaxed. We’ll read your true stories experiences. Think of the old Art Bell shows, kind of like that. ;-)


What kind of true tales are we looking for?

Anything creepy, dark, haunting… write about the haunted house you used to live in, your UFO sighting, your creepy doll, or experience with a clown. Tell me how you were almost abducted on the side of a lonely highway when your car broke down, or tell me about the strange sound a beast made out in the woods that you couldn’t tell if was human or something else… just make sure it is true!


Nitty gritty:

Please send your true story within the body of the email to with TRUE TALE in the subject line. Please give me your first name and the state you live in (if in US) or country you live in if outside the US. By sending in your story, you are giving us the right to read your story on our podcast and mention your first name and state (or country). Follow us on Twitter by clicking HERE & like us on Facebook by clicking HERE.


*The additional episode of True Tales to Tale in the Dark will start in March

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