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Hey Everyone!

It's been long overdue for an update. You may have questions and I know I’ve got answers…

What happened to your website?


First off, if you've tried to go to my old site and kept getting the warning that something to the degree “this site is trying to imitate another site and may be trying to steal your financial info or infect your computer with a virus…blah, blah, blah” that is because I shut down the website and am going with Anyone who types in will be forwarded here. I ran into a problem with SSL certificates (or something!), but I got it figured out now, so don't worry! I won’t give you a virus. Unfortunately, since WIX won’t let me transfer blog posts from my mavskye site, all those blog posts are lost, and I am back to just a few I’ve posted here. I have so many blog sites scattered around the web from the last decade, hey, why not start a new one? ;-D

Why did you change your site?

Because.... I'm adding a store and a podcast! And I wanted folks to find everything in one spot instead of having several sites. This has literally been years in the making since I do all this in my spare time and everything pretty much takes me forever. BUT... I'm so excited to sell handmade goth cameos and tote bags and signed paperbacks and (soon!) audio books.

You’re starting a podcast?

Yes, I've told a few of you about this for the last two years now. It will be called Dark Softly Tales and I’m wanting every episode to have two parts. One part fiction, the other part true stories sent in from readers & listeners. I’m really excited about this. I’ve been learning all this stuff (microphones, mixers, voice acting, ect…) when my creative tank needs a rest from writing, so yeah... but after I launch the store and get the audio book out. All my eyes (all three of them) are turning to the podcast. I’ll put out more info as I go.


I've been getting this a lot and apologize to my fans that it’s taking so long.

My latest novel is ghost story Cold Hangs the Midnight. I was inspired to write the story on my birthday last year as I was driving by some creepy old Victorian houses close to Western University. It was also inspired by a Hindu demon I recently learned of called a Brahmarakshas. These ghostly entities are part demon, part priest and feast on human flesh, which particularly captured my imagination. I wanted to play off idea not in a literal sense, but a metaphorical sense. What if an entity could posses one your senses because it desires to experience that particular sensation?

What if the entity is is more sinister and intent on devouring that sense so that it could possess your world… possess you. I explore this idea and more in Cold Hangs the Midnight.

The climax of the novel happens at Christmas time, so it will be launched this next December, which will give me more than enough time to get it edited (and hopefully produce an audio version.) This story really challenged my creative mind in ways I was not used to. I love a challenge so I thrive on this stuff, but this story seriously hurt my brain muscles while writing, so I’m glad to have a longer period of time to work on this one.

Do we seriously have to wait until December for a story?

I am going to be publishing a long, short story (basically novella sized) called 98 WAYS TO KILL A CLOWN, which you guessed, is part of the Girl Clown Hatchet series, but you can read it as a standalone too. I am currently narrating an audio book for 98 Ways as well. I can't submit it to Audibles until after the book is published and since it’s my first time submitting to them, I don't know what obstacles to expect! I have the right equipment and as of a few weeks ago a quiet studio space in my attic, (well, at least when the young peoples are out of the house.) So yay. There is one more story in the series that will follow this one, and then I will wrap it up a 3 Tales to Chill Your Bones Volume 10. For subscribers, I am planning on making all these books available in my new store a week before they are launched on amazon. So be sure to be subscribed for that!

I have also had extreme urges to put out Ghost of a Chance, the third book in the Supergirls series. So, I am thinking I will edit that and get it out late this spring or summer. Long time fans of Jenn, May and Henrietta— Watch out!

Okay, will be updating through newsletter and here as things pop!

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