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Dark Softly Tales Podcast!

Happy New Years!

I'm so excited to tell you all that this year, today, right now...I've started a podcast called (surprise-ha ha) Dark Softly Tales! I've been working on learning narration, software, trying to pull a small sound studio together...blah blah blah...since either 2016 or 2017, I can't even remember anymore. But I'm tenacious when it comes to working on something I believe in and I’ve really loved learning how to work with another medium of story...and here we are! The official podcast website is

These first few weeks, I’ll release several episodes a week, then at some point we’ll settle into one weekly fiction episode, and one weekly non-fiction episode. “Non-fiction?!?” you ask. Yes, I want you to send in your stories, your *true* stories. Why? What kind of true stories? I explain it all in Episode Zero, which you can find in the player below Episode One. Check out the Submission Guidelines HERE. I will also be accepting fiction, but not quite yet. I'm very open to ideas and suggestions. Feel free to contact me Here. <3

Okay, without much ado, here's episode one of The China Doll! Expect an episode tomorrow, and Wednesday, which I’ll post here on the blog.

Be sure to subscribe and rate wherever you like to listen. <3

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ps. My website platform just asked me to update to the "new blog", so I did and it's pretty much messed up everything. I apologize for the weird sizing. I'll figure it out eventually! ;-D

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