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What is a podcast?

I wanted to talk a bit about podcasts. I've been thinking about it and I realize that not everyone knows what a podcast is the same way I had to ask my children repeatedly what Twitch was... There are so many different types of technology these days!  A podcast is like listening to an old fashioned radio show. It's completely free (just like public radio) but there are many, many kinds of programs. When I discovered podcasts my life literally changed... and my insomnia wasn't so bad. ;-)

Here's a few of my favorite programs aka Podcasts:

True Crime: True Crime Garage, Generation WHY,  Cults, Sword and Scale, True Murder

Storytelling: No Sleep Podcast, Myths and Legends, LORE

Mysterious and Unexplained: Astonishing Legends, Mysterious Radio, Wildly Unexplained

Psychology: The Overwhelmed Brain, The Psychology Podcast

Pop cultural, movie reviews & general fun: Moist Boys Podcast

Spirituality: Shaman's Way, Rewilding for Women

Comedy: Congratulations with Chris D’elia, Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast

You can find almost all of these on various websites and/or apps. If you have an iphone or a mac, Apple Podcasts is by far the best app. It’s easy to search, find, subscribe and rate a show. And it even has a sleep timer (my favorite!). If you have an android phone, there are also all these places (and even more than what I've listed)…Spotify Stitcher Overcast Tune In Google Play Podchaser Castro. If you prefer to listen on your computer or laptop, most podcasts have websites you can listen directly on. A lot of these podcasts are on Youtube as well. Obviously, Dark Softly Tales podcast are at all these places.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'd be happy to answer. <3

Happy Listening!


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