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This is the first book in the Girl Clown Hatchet series. This book can be read as a stand alone and can be enjoyed by adults and teens a like. However, the rest of the series is more adult themed. A lot of places touted this as young adult, and the beginning is, but the rest is not. ;-)


Book Descriptions:


Heart stopping, heart warming, and guaranteed to give you the shivers. 
Welcome to your nightmares...

Book One: Girl Clown Hatchet
Chloe and Joey are childhood friends struggling to make sense of the world around them which resembles more circus than reality. Chloe is haunted by Mr. Jingles— a clown that only she can see. Mr. Jingles stalks Chloe, but he’s never actually hurt her. 
This summer is different. 
Joey knows this. He tries to cheer Chloe up with his handsome smile and stupid jokes, but when the clown starts leaving mysterious red balloons, Joey can’t deny the clown’s existence any longer. As Mr. Jingles becomes more violent, Chloe and Joey are forced to look at hard truths they'd rather not face and at a clown that appears to be rooted in reality and the supernatural.

Book Two: Chasing Clowns
Officer Chloe Sevenstars was only a teen when she faced the horror known as Mr. Jingles—the clown with the hatchet. The grisly events of that nightmarish summer left Chloe so shattered that her aunt opted to have the teen’s memory wiped clean. It’s been twenty years, Chloe is a street cop and a happily married woman with two children. When her husband announces he has bought a restaurant in Spindler, Washington to pursue his dreams, Chloe’s repressed memories of that terrifying summer return. Young women turn up dead. Masked monsters haunt the town. 
The clown with the hatchet is back, and this time he’s determined to finish what he started twenty years ago. Chloe reunites with old friends to face the darkness descending over Spindler once again. The Clown Apocalypse approaches…

Book Three: Clown Apocalypse
A big top tent has rolled into Spindler. Can you see the clown skull on top? It laughs. It laughs as clowns pour out of those pearly white tent flaps. There's clowns on skateboards, bicycles, and unicycles. Juggling clowns. Clowns blowing bubbles. Clowns in pink pedal cars. Clowns are everywhere. Of course they are, it's the Clown Apocalypse!
But there's more than just clowns. The Night Devils are in town and law enforcement is at the ready. Furthermore, Chloe isn't what she appears to be. The twins get kicked out of town. Shayla is kidnapped by clowns. And Joey comes back for a kiss you won't forget. Get ready for a topsy turvy, inside out suspenseful ride. Guaranteed to knock your socks off—all the way off!

Book Four: Joey's Story 
In this heart throbbing tale, we follow Joey Parker in real time as he dons a fedora and, in classic detective ‘40s style, attempts to track down Shayla, the girl kidnapped by clowns. Meanwhile, Chloe reads Joey’s old journal, catching up on the twenty years between them. She also dreams curious visions of a man in a long black coat and fedora in his desperate attempts to redeem himself and right the wrongs of the past. Will Joey find Shayla and make his way back into Chloe’s heart?

Girl Clown Hatchet Series

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