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I wrote this series for people who like to try out indie short stories before commiting to novels. Each volume is a pretty quick read. A good handful of indie novelist that I enjoy I found through short stories. I don't always feel comfortable throwing my money at a indie novel until I know the person can actually tell a story, so that is why I created these series.


 I actually have about four more books in the makes for the Tales to Chill series. So many projects, so little time. I'll eventually get it out there. Until then, feel free to pick up a signed copy of any volume. If you are unsure which to choose, Dolls is the longest volumes of the batch and one of my favorites. Witches, Scarecrows and Deadly Women are also popular. Happy reading!


Click the box to select a volume. The description for each book is below. Prepare to scroll, my friend. <3





In the first volume of 3 TALES TO CHILL YOUR BONES, the trapped, desperate souls of the straw men arise from their poles. They are coming for you, dear Rabid Reader. Quick! Grab your pitchforks and lanterns! 

In a small farming town, a handful of teens discover more tricks than treats in the out skirting cornfields. One must never tempt a tomahawk-wielding scarecrow, especially on All Hallow’s Eve. This is the original, unrevised version of “Marrow.” It’s a bit more gruesome than the previously published audio form.

Every night, Lucy’s lover blindfolds her and leads her away to the cornfields, where she plays along with his games. One evening, the blindfold is removed. An unspeakable horror is revealed. 

Spindled Souls:
Wallace and Anne are both scarecrows and lovers. They are forced to hang on poles and stare longing at each other season after season, until one day all scarecrows are brought to the castle for a macabre-ish fate. A fate written in the stars.




n Volume two of 3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, WITCHES come out to play...

Smashing Roxy
Roxy, a gothic punk witch, goes on a killing spree on her favorite night of the year. When she comes across ghostly children whom she can’t catch, she follows them to a deserted house where she meets The Reaper.

Amy discovers her infant sister is a witch and her mother must be protected. Amy’s new best friend, Jules, knows just what to do with a witch. She even brought a butcher knife from home. Hmm…wonder what that is for?

Every night, Matilda’s ghostly body is hunted down and burnt by the townsfolk. One day, Matilda fights back, balancing the scale of justice. Will her soul finally be free?


Tales to Chill Your Bones Series

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