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Behind the Black Door, Book One-

Sisters Jenn and May have finally found their golden ticket out of the slums. Pervy sugar daddy, Frederick Bells, promises to be an easy score with a big payoff—millions are hidden within his mansion.

The plan is simple: tie up the pig, steal his cash, and skip town. 

But fate has a different plan, including a villain with a wicked imagination. The sisters resort to playing their childhood game SUPERGIRLS to battle their fears in Bell’s den of horrors.

Will the SUPERGIRLS find their prize or will their heads join the pile behind the black cellar door?


Night without Stars, Book Two-

After Jenn escapes the Pig's house of horrors, she wanders the countryside with May, her dead sister's ghost, until a rogue priest finds her and tucks her away in his uncle's deserted cabin.

Jenn cares for Tina and Tony, children rescued from the sex trade. Together they find the peace she and May had always dreamed of. But her dark past catches up with her, and it has a helluva big knife.

She turns to the priest for help, but he has a dark past of his own, and even darker enemies. Together they have a decision to make. Fight or run?


Supergirls Series

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